KINTAMANI COFFEE is an Arabica coffee that are harvested in Kintamani highland   (900m above sea level). The farmers implement a very good practice of coffee process. It starts from planting, harvesting, and processing to become a coffee powder.

To maintain the quality of the 100% Arabica coffee of Kintamani, the farmers are only harvesting the red fruit of the coffee. They do a wet processing system (fermentation) with the duration of 12 until 36 hours. The next process will be the sun-dried of the coffee bean.

Arabica coffee of Kintamani Bali has a very exclusive taste. This coffee has a medium to high acidity, good quality, good flavor, strong aroma of citrus fruit (orange and lemon), and a medium to high range of coffee’s viscosity (thickness). The coffee is not so bitter and astringent.

The benefits of Kintamani Educational Coffee Experience and Waterfall:
1. To understand the coffee into Balinese culture and custom
2. To learn the coffee farming and plantation
3. To learn about coffee processing
4. To taste the flavor of Arabica coffee of Kintamani Bali as one of Indonesian local coffee specialty
5. To inspire the guests to start up new businesses that is related to coffee

We are very happy to share the experience about Arabica coffee of Kintamani highland. It is a must do journey for the coffee lovers and for those who loves adventure very much. Enjoy our full day tour to the coffee plantation and taste the good quality and strong flavor of Arabica coffee of Kintamani.


COFFEE FARM To learn the types of Kintamani coffee at Coffee farm
Coffee bean harvesting (Juni – August depend on harvesting time)
Take part of the coffee processing and roastery
Coffee tasting (cupping)
WATERFALL Explore the nature trails and beauty of waterfall.

USD 45/pax

Minimum booking of 2 persons

The Price is included
The price is not included What to bring
1. Trekking to Cofffee farm 1. Lunch  1. Camera
2. Coffee tasting (cupping) 2. Personal expenses  2. Shoes
3. Tour at coffee processing  3. Jacket
4. Local expert of Kintamani coffee    
5. Air conditioning transport    
6. Entrance tickets to Nung-Nung Waterfall