STP TRISAKTI JAKARTA (International Tourism Program)

(Jakarta, Indonesia)

TRisakti 2015

The afternoon we arrived in Bali, Baliedu Tours and Travel greeted us with pure smiles. The moment we met them , we knew that we were going to enjoy not only the exquisiteness of Bali’s scenery and culture, but also that feeling of hospitality that’s always good for any trip. The places we visited weren’t merely for seeing, but also for learning and exploring; thus staying true to their name : Baliedu Tours and Travel. Not only that, we as Indonesians who have mostly visited Bali saw it from a contrasting perspective. To foreigners and even locals ,the experience one may obtain from the tours they provide will be once-in-a-lifetime.

It is sure to bring you a smile.

We also capture our moment during the activities in Bali with Baliedu tours and Travel: