• BALI TRADITIONAL TRADITIONAL VILLAGE OF PENGLIPURAN. The village is a worth places of interest to visit in order to understand the Balinese culture and way of life. The village is recognized as the top 3 (three) cleanest village in the world. The first and second position are Giethoorn in Netherland and  Mawylnnong in India. In Indonesia, the village of Penglipuran is the best example of Tourism Village Development. The village compound implement the concept of Tri Angga, a traditional Balinese concept. Tri means three and Angga means part. It is like a human body, consist of the head, body, and feet. In the north of the village is the main temple. Then the 76 houses with the similar architecture. In the south is the cemetery. One of the famous social system punishment is the prohibition to do polygamy. The village has an empty space (Karang Memadu) to build the house for the members who are doing polygamy. It is very effective to force the villagers not to do polygamy. Until now, the land is still empty. If you are interested in Bamboo tree, the village manage a 75 hectares of bamboo forest to build temple, housing, ceremony, social, and cultural activities.
  • MOUNTAIN AND LAKE BATUR. Mountain view Batur and Lake Batur is one of the favorite destinations in Bali and became icons of tourism attractions in the area of ​​Kintamani.
  • LUNCH AT KINTAMANI. You will enjoy your lunch in Kintamani area. You will get your lunch buffet menu while enjoying the view of Lake and Mount Batur from Kintamani cliff top.
  • BALI HERBS AND COFFEE PLATATION. In addition to producing oranges, Kintamani area is also renowned as one of the coffee. The joy of arabica coffee will be served with a variety of flavors with traditional process. Chivet Coffee (Luwak Coffee) is also one of the favorite choices of products.
  • GUNUNG KAWI TEMPLE. The complex of Gunung Kawi temple built in honor of King Udayana. In this area you will get a calm and peaceful atmosphere. This temple is the ideal place to meditate, pray, or to simply traveled. A cool location and located right on the banks of the river makes this temple offers a tranquility.

 USD 55-car

Maximum passenger is 4 persons each car

Private Air Conditioned Car Lunch
English Speaking Driver Entrance Ticket at tourist destination
a Bottle mineral water per person
coffees tester in  Bali Herbs and Coffee Plantation


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