(Jakarta, Indonesia)

highfield 1

We are very lucky to be able to get acquainted with Baliedu Tours and Travel in 2015 of excursion activities because in general all activities planned run well and smoothly until we return to Jakarta as our participants are junior high school students.

There are some things that we should be appreciated to Baliedu Tours and Travel.
1. On the first day, the airport pick-up is on time so we don’t have to wait to get to the bus. Then we went to “Museum Negeri Bali”, Bali Bomb Blast Monument, Kuta Beach, and saw the Kecak Dance performance at Uluwatu. Everything went smoothly until we arrive at hotel.
Just a little problem on luggage bag laying on the hotel. The students can understand it because the name on the luggage tag is full name while the list of names that we send to the room list is the nickname, we can understand if the hotel rather difficult to put the luggage bag.
The accommodations are very nice and comfortable, just that room no 11 separate from the six other rooms.

2. On the second day, we were very happy because our students got the opportunity to learn Balinese dance and gamelan from Ibu Warini. It’s a valuable and memorable experience. Other activities are also pleased that we are visiting the orphanage. We greatly appreciate Baliedu who helped us make a goody bag for children in orphanage also include MC (Mas Kael) who is able to attract the attention of our children and communicate in accordance with junior high kids. Gratefully our students can enjoy a visit to the orphanage and interact with them. Unfortunately, the time available only briefly.
Baliedu also help our students to learn how to make a traditional salt and packed it in an interesting game so that they can learn with fun.

3. In the third and fourth day we were picked up from Baliwoso and transfer back to the airport which previously had to Ubud Royal Palace and to the souvenir centre.

4. For transport, the driver and the conductor was very friendly and able to understand the character of children.

5. Food and snacks were served varied and suitable to the children tastes, not too spicy.