Being a volunteer in Bali will be a great experiences. The locals need a lot of support to establish a better life quality. Baliedu  is one of the travel agents that will assist you in coordinating the volunteering activities in Bali.

Baliedu has a good cooperation with schools, foundations and orphanages in Bali. They are very happy and ready to host the volunteers. At schools, the volunteers will tech the students and in the same time they could learn the Indonesian and Balinese language.  Your contribution to improve the foreign language  will help them to get a good job in tourism sectors.  This activities are a good opportunities for Balinese especially children to be able to interact with tourist directly.

In addition, Baliedu will facilitate volunteers in teaching foreign languages ​​in the countryside. Almost every village in Bali has an after school activities (Pasraman) of elementary school. The children are really keen to learn foreign language from the volunteers.

Share you happiness with orphans or the member of disable foundation in Bali! Your presence is a meaningful gift to them. Several activities that you can do as follows: sports and fun games, teaching, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, playing music, gardening, and cooking.

UBUD  – Orientation through the village, school and foundation
 –  Teaching Foreign Language in Elementary School
ORPHANAGE/ FOUNDATION  – Gardening Project
 – Cooking some Traditional Cake or Food
 –  Playing some Traditional Games
VILLAGE LEARNING GROUP  – Teaching on Foreign Language
 – Playing and Singing