Being a tourist is not always just looking for fun and put your experience through your memories. Sharing with the local people will make your travel experience even more meaningful. The volun-tour program will combine your unique experiences by visiting some tourist destinations and volunteering activities in a tourist destination. We offer this program for tourists who want to share their expertise to local during their tour activities.

In EDUCATION, tourists can teach a foreign language (for example: English, Mandarin, Japanese etc. ) in one of schools in Bali. As one tourist destination, Bali always need foreign language speakers, especially native speakers. The heterogeneous tourists who come to Bali make foreign language will greatly help to develop tourism in Bali. Introducing to the Balinese younger generation of  foreigners will open their minded on cultures in the world.

Not only teaching on language, Baliedu tours and Travel also opens opportunities to introduce some CULTURE. Tourists will introduce their culture to children in schools and local communities. Tourists  will certainly learn and know the culture of Bali both directly to the community and some existing cultural centre. Cultural activities are

1. Introducing local values and meaning of Balinese offering

2. Learning how to make a simple Balinese crafts

3. Cooking Balinese food and have a meal together with the local family
In this activity, tourists also will visit some of  interesting tourist attraction in Bali. This is an alignment between the tour, learning and teaching programs as well as a cultural exchange.

We offer this program we offer with a duration of at least minimum  6 days with a minimum of participants 2 people. For Further information about this program,  Please CONTACT US to discuss and book the package.