Company Profile

Baliedu is an inbound tours and travel located in Bali, Indonesia. We provides a quality educational tours services for both international and domestic travelers.

Baliedu serves educational tours to all of the destinations in Bali, as well as the remote areas for ‘edu-culture’ and ‘edu-adventure’. As we focus on experiential learning , we serve the travellers to a highy authentic experience. Our major product are educational tours, voluntary tours, homestay programs, student internship, and research services.

Over time the business developed, and Baliedu finds potential traveller through friends and social media.  What make Baliedu become more confiedence? It was the chance to handle an educational tours of one of the famous private tourism higher education in Jakarta. Every year,  the International Tourism Program participate in a great cultural tour experience in Ubub, Bali.

Baliedu now become a mature business. We have a fantastic educational tour of  Fireflies Tour. We are the first and the only one who serve these tours program in Indonesia. Our clients base varies from major countries in Europe, America, Australian, and Asian.