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Tourism Indonesia

touch the elephant

Greet and touch an Elephant

Elphant encounter is one of a great educational tour experience for the kids during their visit to Bali island. By visiting the zoo, your kids could see and touch the elephant. See some of the nice pictures.


Geopark and Geotourism

geopark, geotourism, geology, tourism, edugeotourism


Inbound and Outbound Tourism

Indonesia is an adventure into a culturally fascinating and wonderfully scenic paradise. The world’s largest archipelago stretches across the equator for more than 5,000 miles and 17,000 islands along the explosively volcanic and incredibly fertile “Ring of Fire”. Tropical Rain forests saturated with vegetation and bursting with life thrive here; eternal snow-capped mountain peaks defy […]


The Impact of Global Financial Crisis to the Tourism Industry in Indonesia

Indonesia is located on over 17,504 islands and has over 17% of the earth’s species. Roughly and conservatively, Indonesia houses about 11% of flowering plant species, 12% of the world’s mammals, 17% of all birds, and at least 37% the world’s fish. Since its independence, the government of Indonesia has exploited the natural resources of […]

gathering and visit

The Impacts of Global Financial Crisis to the Indonesian’s Tourism Receipts

Tourism can aid the economic growth by providing foreign currency receipts to finance to purchase the essential imports, increasing local income and employment, and government revenue from taxation and stimulating investment. The tourism industry in Indonesia has expanded as a prospective contributor for earning of a number of areas. Nowadays, tourism is not only potential […]

rice paddies

The Impacts of Global Financial Crisis to the Number and Growth of International Tourists’ Arrival to Indonesia

The global financial crisis has not affected the Indonesia’s tourism very much particularly international tourist arrivals. This can be seen from the number of international tourists’ arrival in the period of January to April 2009 reached 1,893,155 people, or grew 1.53% (up 28,570 people) compared to the same period in 2008 was 1,864,585 people. Figure […]