“Staying with Local is the Best Way to Understand the Native Culture”

Homestay Program is one of our dedication to help some homestay. Some homestay does not have a website and it also has limitations in marketing. This is one of our way to remain stable and not switching the function of local businesses.


PENGLIPURAN is one of Traditional Village in Bali. Local still protect their Culture, custom and tradition which makes unique compared to other villages in Bali. Penglipuran village is neat and clean. The location of the main temple is in the North and in the South area are 76 houses of villagers with same buildings and architecture. Each patch of the yard consists of a ‘bale Dangin’, ‘bale daja’, bale Dauh, kitchen and family temple.

More typical from buildings in Penglipuran is bamboo roof. Some of the existing buildings retained by using a bamboo roof. Every home have a connecting door between with another, this is to maintain the closeness and harmony of the village community. Penglipuran has a bamboo forest that still maintained its exist.

Stay and feel the ambiance of Penglipuran village will add a special experience for you. You will be invited become a part of the village community. Some of the activities you can do in the village, among others:

1. Trekking in the village and bamboo forests accompanied by local, get to know some species of bamboo in the village and its use

2. Learn to make handicraft and woven from bamboo

3. Learn to cook typical dishes of Penglipuran accompanied by one of local mothers

4. Learn to make special drinks of Penglipuran “loloh Cemcem”


– Breakfast for 2 persons – Pick up to the homestay – Extra money for meal and activities
– Activity during staying (should be book)