Bali still become a famous Destination to visit. For those of you who have more time on your vacation in Bali, Baliedu offering holiday special packages in Bali for 7 days 6 nights. Although 7 days vacation in Bali is not enough to venture out of this enchanting small island, but  7 days vacation was fairly represent all the uniqueness of this island of God. Starting from enjoying the beautiful beaches, the beauty it’s mountains, how Balinese defend Agriculture and uphold the values of their ancestors reflected on Balinese daily activities.

We suggested this tour package for those who have never been to Bali. We will visit  some famous tourist destination. Happy holidays and enjoy the beauty of Bali Island complete with its cultural uniqueness.



  • Balinese  still adhere to the tradition and culture that handed down by their ancestors. It could look at the Traditonal Village of Penglipuran. The spatial and architecture concept  carried out in accordance to the traditions and meke This village became a beautiful.
  • Community Life Balinese Mountains could be reflected by visiting Kintamani. A beautiful view of mountain and Lake Batur make this location become a wonderful place for enjoying lunch.
  • Balinese believe if every spring are holy. This is one of Balinese concept of Bali that always try to taking care a natural and environment to be always be conserve. Balinese people believe that Tirta Empul spring can be used to cleanse yourself from negative things.


  • The beaches in Bali are beautiful. You also enjoy it by do miraculous water sports, walking down on their white sand, bathing under the splash seawater on waterblow or even just look at the beautiful ocean waves from Uluwatu cliff. Every corner of the beach in Bali really has a charm that makes us understand the greatness of the God.


  • Temple that built on Beratan Lake Bedugul (Pura Ulundanu) is very famous and beautiful. You will be able to breathe in the fresh mountain air complete with shopping fruits, vegetables and spices for those who like to shop.
  • Bali also offer a hidden treasure from a rice fields which is listed in the UNESCO heritage list. along the eye can see it’s only a rice field complete with carved of beautiful terrace.
  • Looking at the sunset at Tanah Lot will be an unforgettable moment. Try to taste the fresh water which out  from below of the Tanah Lot Temple. Make yourself amazed by the wonders that spring.


  • During the kingdom era, Bali is divided into several Kingdoms. By visiting Kertagosa You will know the kingdom and the glorious of Klungkung Kingdom.
  • How Balinese are very patience and have a high artistic value. Not only in Kertagosa Klungkung, where we can see  Kamasan paintings that display on building ceiling. By visiting the Tenganan village also will be amazed about it. Making Pegringsingan double ikat by traditional weaving  is tangible proof the patience of Balinese.
  • Balinese Patience and diligence also can we see the next object,  traditional organic salt farming. This activity is becoming scarce due to the hard and necessary patience.


  • Balinese always try to conserve their nature from every aspect. We still could enjoy hows the fresh water from one of river in Bali by joining with rafting activity. Get your unforgettable moment by doing rafting
  • Bali Island also known as a thousands Island. The biggest Temple in Bali as a mother Temple call Besakih Temple. The location of this Temple is on Agung Mountain, the highest mountain in Bali. Visiting this temple would be something precious from your vacation.


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1.     5x lunch, 5 x dinner 1.    Hotel, flight tickets, boarding pass, and porter 1. Changing cloth for Watersport and  rafting
2.    Air conditioned transport, petrol, and driver fee 2.    Water sport activities such as parasailing, banana boar, snorkeling, diving, etc. 
3.    Rafting at Telaga Waja River 3.    Extra food and drinks, and other personal expenses 
4.    Tickets of Kecak Dance Performance at Uluwatu
5.    Entrance tickets to all tourist attraction as per itinerary 
6.    Free boat to Turtle Island
7.    English speaking tour Guide
8.    Parking and highway fee 
9.    Two bottles of 600ml mineral water per person per day during the tour 
10.Special gift from Baliedu tours and Travel