About Baliedu

AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE:  Baliedu is an online tour assistance to Bali and Indonesia that specializes on quality and special interest tourist. We offer an authentic experience. High participation to locals and responsible tourism is our concern.    

DYNAMIC PACKAGES:  Our tour packages are unique in order to meet your satisfaction and needs. Our services include local accommodation, social and cultural activities, transportation and meals. We emphasize on unforgettable experience of local knowledge and wisdom.

VALUE FOR MONEY:  Authentic experience is not necessarily expensive. Indeed, it can be done with value for money. In Bali for example, during high/peak season, many of tourist do not get a room to stay. And even they cancel their visit because they did not get a room. For those who are forced to do a vacation will pay an expensive price. On the other hand, there are so many empty rooms such as home stay or home resident who could be occupied. Baliedu takes this opportunity, with value for money, you will mingle intensively with local and see more of their culture. Most important that your money/expenditure will flows directly to the local community. It means more opportunity to locals to increase their quality of life.